Town Council candidate, Bradford on Avon South


Magnus is an experienced former councillor having represented Bradford South on the town council from 2013 until 2017.  During that time, he worked with others across the council on initiatives such as dementia friendly projects, the Walking Wheel, the 20mph zones and the Community Emergency Volunteers.  He organised the consultation on a second pedestrian bridge that took place in 2016.  He has a practical understanding of how to build resilience in the community. 

Magnus says: “A resilient community is one that takes all of its members into account. It’s not always possible to do everything that everyone wants, because there are competing interests. However, it is often possible to achieve a balance of these views and come up with a solution that makes for a stronger community.

“There are other areas where we can explore how we best use our resources to strengthen the town such as St Margaret’s Hall and the station car park site.  If the swimming pool and library are transferred from Wiltshire Council to the town council in the future, these too are facilities we could explore more creative use of.”