"Plan is vital to protect the town" say Sarah, Jennie and Jim.

Local Lib Dems are urging a "Yes" vote in the referendum on September 20th to confirm the Neighbourhood Plan. The plan rules out large new estates, safeguards green spaces, promotes jobs and supports action for safer streets. Lib Dem Wiltshire Councillor Sarah Gibson says:

“The main objective of a Neighbourhood Plan is to stop unwanted development by defining where and how any new building can happen. This plan confirms the strategy for no new large-scale developments in Bradford on Avon before 2026 while allowing some ‘in-filling’ to provide affordable homes.

“The plan makes it more difficult to build on the edges of the town and defines protected green spaces including Victory Field, Poulton Field, the field to the east of Crown Court and others. The plan also includes policies to support business and job development and make the town more walking and cycling-friendly.”

Bradford’s Neighbourhood Plan was initiated by the former Lib Dem-led Town Council and drawn up by a group involving representatives of the main political parties and other groups across the town. The plan is backed by the new Town Council.

Click here to read the Neighbourhood Plan

Click here to download the Neighbourhood Plan leaflet.

Hard copies of the plan can be read at the library or Town Council office.


We've got a Neighbourhood Plan Event

7.30pm Thursday 14th September at St Margaret's Hall

Find out more at an event co-hosted with other groups supporting the 'Yes' vote.

Vote 'Yes' in the Referendum

7am to 10pm Wednesday 20th September