County and Town Councillor, Bradford on Avon South

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Sarah spent most of her childhood in Bath and West Wiltshire before studying architecture in London and then setting up an architectural practice in Catalonia, Spain. She returned to the UK in 2012 joining her partner in Bradford on Avon and setting up an office here. Sarah was elected to Wiltshire Council in 2017 and to the town council in 2019 in a by-election following a councillor resignation.

Sarah says “I first became interested in the work of the town council in 2015 and went on to work on a survey on crossing points for the river in 2016 and ideas for improving the connection between the station car park and the town centre. As well as these strategic issues, once elected a councillor I found that my background in architecture and planning was useful in helping residents with concerns often relating to highways or planning issues.

“I am standing as a town and Wiltshire councillor again as I strongly believe that to support and promote the needs and aspirations of the residents of Bradford-on-Avon we need open channels of communication with Wiltshire Council. Many of the things that matter to Bradford residents need Wiltshire Council to be involved and I feel that over the last 4 years I have built the relationships at a Wiltshire level that will be useful to help the town progress.

“The next few years could be critical, with changing retail habits exacerbated by the covid virus, changes in transport and working habits, as well as the inevitable economic pressure to come. I hope to be able to achieve a greater level of pedestrian safety throughout the town with walking and well-connected cycling routes a priority. I would like to build on the work done with the current town council on the plans to improve the station car park and the leisure facilities, to help create a rich and dynamic environment for the residents of Bradford to live and work.”