Over the years, Liberal Democrat councillors have saved key services from closure, improved facilities like St Margaret’s Hall, promoted the local economy and protected the town from unwanted developments.

This map shows just a few of the achievements of the LibDem-led Town Council to May 2017 and LibDem County Councillors.


1) Renovating St. Margaret's Hall

The hall was taken over from Wiltshire Council by the LibDem-led Town Council and refitted in 2014 to create a multi-purpose space that can be used as a traditional town hall, for sales or dances, or as a performance space with tiered seating.


2) Saving the Youth Centre

The LibDem-led Town Council acted quickly to save the Centre from closure by the County Council in 2016. It is now well used as a community centre on the south side of town for charities, parties, sports and lunch clubs as well as youth activities.


3) Pedestrian crossings

Bradford on Avon’s councillors have campaigned for pedestrian crossings such as the one on Winsley Road near Huntingdon Street.


4) Speed limits

LibDems successfully campaigned and worked with others to create 20mph speed limits near schools and in residential areas.


5) Saving public toilets

The Town Council took over the public toilets in 2016, saving them from closure by the county.


6) Saving the Tourist Information Centre

The Town Council saved the centre from closure in 2015 by leasing the property and setting up a café to provide income.


7) Winning flood defences

The Town Council has won a robust flood defence response from the Environment Agency, with volunteers organised by the Council.


8) Bus shelters

The Town Council is now looking after bus shelters, with LibDem councillor John Potter personally leading clean-up teams.


9) The ‘Hub’

The ‘Hub’ in Church Street, which provides a food bank, work club and debt advice for vulnerable people, is co-sponsored by the LibDem-led Town Council with BoA Churches Together and BoA Community Action Trust (BoACAN).