Town Councillor, Bradford on Avon North


Originally from Bristol, Sam lived in Bath and London before moving to Bradford two years ago with his wife and young son. He is a research associate in financial technologies and previously worked as a teacher and translator. He enjoys running and cycling around our local countryside.

Sam says: “While I am a relative newcomer to the town, I really want to get involved in the local community and play my part in making Bradford an even better place to live. I see a great deal of community spirit and creativity here and I want to be part of a town council that will tap into these positive forces. In particular, I’d like to focus on projects for young people and ensure they get a clear say in how the town develops.

“I also want to look at new ways of improving the quality of life for our vulnerable residents, ensuring that Bradford is an inclusive and caring place for all. I am delighted to stand for the Liberal Democrats as a party rooted in fairness and openness with a strong track record in local democracy which starts at the doorstep.”